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Following the profitable merge of the Ethereum community, the cryptocurrency market has witnessed yet one more purge. Buy the hype, and promote the information has very much been the narrative surrounding the merge.

This has been true, a minimum of, for almost all of the cryptocurrency market. The Cosmos Hub (ATOM) and all affiliated initiatives on its community have been showing the greatest strength available within the market and have been the one tokens displaying weekly inexperienced figures.

The ATOM token is down only 66% from its all-time high set in 2021 whereas the Ethereum token (ETH) is down 71% from its all-time excessive. For a forex with a market capitalization of just over $4 billion, compared with Ethereum’s $160+ billion market cap, that is really an astonishing feat during this cryptocurrency bear market.

Another token that is displaying a similar strength on this bear market is the presale meme coin token, Big Eyes Coin; this article will briefly define why each the tasks are pumping in the intervening time and whether you want to get some publicity to the tokens.

Cosmos Hub News

The ATOM token has been one of the stand-out performers in this bear market and this strength has been reciprocated throughout the Cosmos Ecosystem. Cosmos tokens like EVMOS have been seeing green weeks when the the rest of the market has been doused in red.

The Cosmos Hub took an enormous hit following the collapse of Terra Luna. LUNA was the biggest market cap Layer 1 on the Cosmos Hub and held a market capitalization far greater than ATOM itself. The market capitalization of UST, its algorithmic stablecoin, additionally grew to a market capitalization of over $10 billion.

The rise of Terra Luna has given big confidence to builders migrating to and building on the ATOM community. Despite the eventual collapse of LUNA, Cosmos has remained vigilant and it could by no means be accountable for the devastating losses incurred by Terra Luna.

The ATOM ecosystem is rapidly becoming affiliated with Ethereum-based tokens. The Cosmos Hub was constructed with interoperability in mind through its IBC-enabled network of blockchains.

If the Cosmos Hub and all affiliated methods turn into interoperable with Ethereum and ETH purposes, then the Cosmos Hub and the ATOM token shall be one of many bigger winners within the subsequent cryptocurrency bull market. It is this narrative which is pumping the ATOM ecosystem at present.

Big Eyes Offers a Big Prize in this Crypto Bear Market

It is admittedly hard to successfully presale in a cryptocurrency bear market. Compared to the bull market, liquidity in even successful blue chip cash is extraordinarily low. It is for this reason that even cryptocurrencies which are progressive with a robust roadmap can battle to survive the bear market because there are not any injections of cash (rising token prices) available in the market.

For this purpose, it is particularly spectacular that the Big Eyes Coin has already managed to boost over $2.5 million. Despite the bearish market sentiment and incessantly tumbling prices, Big Eyes continues to be finding ways to lift cash and this is most likely as a end result of its robust highway map.

Big Eyes Coin is in essence a meme coin built on the Ethereum blockchain. Looking on the website, nevertheless, one can understand the work that is occurring in the course of the presale levels.

Following the final stage of its presale, the group will release their NFT collection, the artwork of which shall be inspired by the graphic below.

The NFT market is starting to see elevated transaction quantity which might be indicative of a resurgence in the NFT markets. The NFT market has, like the overall cryptocurrency market, been negatively affected by the bear market however increased transaction volume bodes very nicely for the Big Eyes Coin.

A profitable NFT collection would dramatically improve the worth of the forex. The success of the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s NFTs has proven that a project’s NFT collection success is indicative of the adoption and success of its native token. Big Eyes may follow of their footsteps.

If you wish to research the project yourself, verify the hyperlinks under:




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