How to outlive and win in Ixion

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As the Administrator of the Tiqqun space station in Ixion, it will be your job to maintain the lights running. You have the daunting task of managing the wants of the space station whereas navigating the huge vacancy on your approach to finding a new residence for humanity. Survival shall be difficult, and we’ve ready a listing of survival tips in Ixion.

How to efficiently begin out in Ixion?

Ixion is an area station simulation and survival game. The key to succeeding within the marketing campaign lies in resource and time management. Most importantly, to begin the sport properly, you want to perceive the sport’s core mechanics. These will decide your priorities and how you play the sport to outlive.

5. Be mindful of the time

You can control the move of time in Ixion. This software is handy as a result of you can play the game at your own pace and be more meticulous. The essential advice right here is to avoid speeding the meter. Always keep a close eye on all the occasions that are happening. You initiated science analysis. Before you hit that speed-up button, have you ever checked your useful resource stockpile levels? Your energy management? Try to remain on top of things always, and this recreation mechanic will profit you tremendously. Patience is vital in Ixion.

4. Constantly construct roads

Roads are a key to survival in the game. They value no constructing assets and are important to maintaining your buildings related, particularly useful resource stockpiles. You can make them a bit messy initially and permanently take away and reposition them later.

3. Keep the Hull Integrity secure

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The hull integrity is a station’s lifeline, constantly degrading all through the sport. If the integrity reaches zero, Tiqqun might be destroyed. To maintain it repaired, you will need a gentle supply chain of Alloys from Iron. You can mine Iron from the asteroids. EVA Airlock is a constructing you should use for hull restore and installing photo voltaic panels and engines. To preserve hull integrity, build an EVA Airlock, and connect it to an energetic alloy stockpile by a highway.

2. Power management

A steady energy provide is important to preserving the Tiqqun in a working state. Losing energy in any Sector stops hull repairs, and your Stability will take a hit. Stability is your crew’s general mood; if it will get too low, the sport will penalize you with everlasting sanctions. To avoid a downward spiral from there, you will want to safe the Power supply at all costs by ensuring you’ve sufficient Solar panels set as a lot as distribute the ability evenly all through all Sectors.

1. Stability management

Stability and Trust are the two measurements that symbolize your relationship with the Ixion’s crew. You can preserve them by catering to their fundamental needs, like providing shelter, food, medical help, and solving various issues within the Sector. Failing to maintain good Stability and Trust values will lead to the game over rapidly, so at all times be looking out for the crew’s wants. You can introduce two improvements to Stability in Ixion, permanent and temporary.

  • Permanent Stability improvement: The approach to improve Stability permanently is by constructing these varieties of buildings in a Sector:
    • Legislative Strengthening Center
    • Memorials
    • Alternative Life Center
  • Temporary Stability improvement: These enhancements solely work for a interval and have to be maintained continuously:
    • Solving Food shortages
    • Solving Homelessness
    • Improving Working Conditions
    • Providing Health amenities

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