Most Disappointing Game of 2022

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Paul Broussard
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Life is full of disappointments and video games are not any exception. We as customers have excessive expectations for the most important names in gaming, and more often than not they deliver. But every so often there is a sport with each advantage given to it, and which must be a home run experience, that calmly and intentionally throws all of it within the trash. Being a foul game is one factor, however being a recreation that ought to have been good and turned out to be dangerous as a substitute is exponentially worse. These are the most disappointing titles of 2022.


The Shortlist:


Babylon’s Fall


Gotham Knights


Overwatch 2


Pokémon Scarlet & Violet


Saints Row





The ‘Runner Up’:

Babylon’s Fall

Oh Square Enix, what occurred to you? Over the past year you embraced NFTs and blockchain tasks, got into a struggle about forcing Balan Wonderland (of earlier Most Disappointing Game fame) out earlier than it was prepared, and tried to promote a wallet for practically $500. Are you actually that desperate for cash? What occurred, did you blow all your Final Fantasy VII Remake revenue on extra half-naked 2B statues? 

But topping all of the questionable makes an attempt at cash-grabbing is Babylon’s Fall, a multiplayer online sport that was so boring, so bland, and so unengaging that it one means or the other made PlatinumGames action boring. Samey mission design, lack of fascinating enemy selection, ugly graphics, and withholding essentially the most attention-grabbing fight skills until after the sport is completed all make for a very dangerous recreation, and the inevitable microtransactions located in a full price $60 release add additional insult to damage. When Final Fantasy XVI inevitably brings in sufficient cash to match the GDP of a small nation in 2023, don’t blow all of it so quickly on Yoko Taro’s lewd artwork assortment, yeah?




The ‘Winner’:

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Speaking of bringing in enough cash to purchase a small country: Pokémon! It’s at all times unhappy to see a sequence that was such an integral part of my middle college years wrestle with poor framerates, low-effort animations, shoddy graphics, constant ugly texture pop-ins, game-breaking bugs, and extra, but it’s even more disappointing when recreation series that are far much less worthwhile vastly outpace it on a technical front.

What arguably makes it even worse is that there are many attention-grabbing gameplay concepts hidden within this absolute mess. While the underpowered nature of the Switch doesn’t assist, the lion’s share (or Litleo’s share) of the blame most likely lies with whoever is continuous to push for annual (and typically biannual, as was the case this year) releases. 365 days is solely not enough time to develop a full-blown 3D open world title, and you have to really feel for the builders who are constantly lumbered with these deadlines. I’m not sure whether or not it is a determination being made by Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, or Game Freak itself, but whoever it’s: please, stop! You’re killing a sequence I used to like, and your Scrooge McDuck-esque pool of money is going to burst when you hold this up.

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