Since EIP-1559 Was Implemented, $4.6 Billion Worth of ETH Has Burnt

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  • EIP-1559 was launched in August 2021. 
  • For each transaction on the network, one ETH is burned. 
  • Making it more deflationary than Bitcoin.

Ethereum nonetheless ranks second regardless of it being utilized by numerous protocols. This feature was supposed to make it the market reading cryptocurrency, but that didn’t occur. Now, as part of the Ethereum Improvement Proposal, higher often recognized as EIP-1559, launched in August 2021, ETH is burning at a colossal rate.

$4.6 Billion in ETH burned since EIP-1559

— (@WhaleChart) January 21, 2023

How a lot is Burned?

A appreciable portion of Ethereum transactions is destroyed as per EIP-1559. A piece of each NFT trade, easy token transfer, and yield technique is thrown in the forge. Since its implementation, a total of 2.8 million ETH has been faraway from circulation. The burn amounted to almost $4.6 billion concerning the newest costs. 

According to knowledge, greater than 16,364 ETH, at the fee of round 1.62 ETH per minute, has been destroyed within the final seven days alone. 

What does this imply?

Due to this mechanism, more ETH is being burned than being issued by miners. Resultant progress has now dropped to unfavorable 1.06% per 12 months since the implementation of EIP-1559. In flip, this makes Ethereum extra deflationary than Bitcoin.


The chart indicates that the token supply of the community has modified noticeably all through checkpoints and upgrades. Moreover, the dotted half suggests continuing the deflationary trend for the next two years. 

Although ETH adoption and utilization fell drastically, due to any cause, these projections may additionally fail. It should be considered that with each transaction on the community, one ETH is burned. In a means, this burn rate may also be used to measure the adoption of the community. 

Who is leading ETH adoption?

One genuine question, who is carrying the adoption baton? In the previous weeks, NFTs and DeFis have been actively feeding the adoption. These two categories have been answerable for almost 8,000 ETH being buried this week. Market leaders in each of them, like OpenSea, have been answerable for 1,298 ETH burnt, and Uniswap V3 for 876 ETH being the forerunner. 

Relation with Stablecoins

There is an extended ongoing battle between USDT and USDC. While USDTs market cap is ahead by leaps and bounds in comparability with USDC, Tether’s offerings are actually liable for nearly 3 times burnings.

Nearly 705 ETH were burnt for USDT transactions and only 228 ETH for USDC. With information at hand, it could be said that USDC is also taking half in an essential role in Ethereum adoption. 

ETH: Price Analysis

Currently buying and selling at $1,603.43 with a drop of 1.14%, its value towards Bitcoin also dropped by 1.87% at 0.07123 BTC. At the identical time, its market cap dropped by 1.11% to $199 billion, and its volume dropped by 2.68% to $8.5 billion within the final 24 hours. ETH still holds the market dominance of 19.13%, with its rank at 2. 

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