Sacrifice your undesirable NFTs in the Sea of Redemption.

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Holding plenty of unwanted NFTs? nearly worthless or much less handsome NFTs? No idea what to do with them now? Well, why not roll the cube and sacrifice them within the Sea of Redemption and see what happens?

Sea of Redemption (SoR) is famend artist Shezad Dawood’s first main foray into the NFT space following a collaboration with Zien, a Web3 art platform pioneering decentralised systems for accumulating artwork as Expanded NFTs: digital artworks with an option on redeeming for bodily counterpart artworks. 

Drawing on the origins of life, oceanic ecosystems, deep time, evolution and mythic beginnings, in addition to monetary and ecological pyramid schemes, the cult of crypto, and the crash in the NFT market, this expanded NFT PFP (profile picture) challenge combines Dawood’s creative vision with innovative crypto mechanisms. SoR is equal parts complex fantasy world and interactive recreation: ultimately it is a story of origin, sacrifice and redemption. 

Shezad Dawood’s Sea of Redemption

The Mermes 

Sea of Redemption is populated by The Mermes, mobile slime molds that pre-date animal evolution by 1.4 billion years. These mostly-altruistic and amoeba-like neon-sea-creatures, who’ve seen empires rise and fall earlier than the arrival of humankind, have been watching our recent evolution and NFT mania from deep underwater and are actually surfacing to assist cleanse our degen sins. The Mermes hitch a ride into participants’ wallets on certainly one of ten sea creatures—including Whales, Dolphins, Octopuses, Fish, and Plankton, among others—in an oceanic taxonomy that parallels the food chain of bitcoin holders. 

The Mermes evolve as they move up the hierarchy from formless protozoa to anthropomorphic beings. Hand-drawn by Dawood, earlier than being animated by Zien collaborator Gabriel Stones, these conceptually and aesthetically multifarious creatures are informed by Dawood’s wide-reaching influences and ideas, while also connecting to the vital thing thematic of marine ecology in his practice. 

How does SoR work? 

The SoR’s main characters are 1009 Mermes, of which there are 979 Basic Mermes, 27 Special Mermes, and 3 Super Special Mermes. 

Stage 1: The Redemption Wallet. Across the web, calls are made to sacrifice NFTs by sending them to the Redemption Wallet buried deep in the midnight zone of the ocean.
More levels are to be revealed quickly. 

Dates & Charity : The Redemption Wallet opens Tuesday 7th February – Tuesday 21st February Allow list mint: Wednesday 22nd February, 2023  Public mint: Thursday 23rd February 2023

10% of proceeds are donated to ocean analysis and conservation charities by way of Shezad’s Leviathan nonprofit. 

About the artist

Shezad Dawood (b. 1974, London, lives and works in London) works across the disciplines of portray, film, neon, sculpture, performance, virtual reality and different digital media to ask key questions of narrative, historical past and embodiment. Using the enhancing process as a way to explore each meanings and types, his follow usually includes collaboration and knowledge exchange, mapping throughout a number of audiences and communities to create richly layered artworks exploring architectures and ecologies. 

Selected collections embody Guggenheim; Arts Council Collection; Tate; UBS; LACMA, Los Angeles; National Gallery of Canada; Government Art Collection, UK; US Government Art Collection; The British Museum, London; Sharjah Art Foundation; Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Delhi; Rubin Museum of Art, New York; and Mathaf, Doha 

About Zien 

Zien is a Web3 platform enabling a new method to produce and gather contemporary art as Expanded NFTs: onchain art that can be redeemed for physical counterparts. What Zien calls art within the 2.5th-dimension. Through experimental collaboration with today’s foremost artists, Zien transforms how museum-grade artwork is accessed and picked up by future-focused audiences. Head to @zienzienbot on Telegram and press Start to affix. By joining the Zien bot on Telegram you will be notified when new drops go stay, plus unlock entry to groups and online/offline occasions. The Zien bot will signpost you to previous, live and forthcoming drops, whereas additionally serving to you to mint and redeem Expanded NFTs.




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