With Interest Rate Hikes Slowing Pace, Which Cryptos are Worth Buying? BTC, ETH, AXS, & MEMAG

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The cryptocurrency market is lastly coming back to life in 2023. After a 12 months of persistently falling costs attributable to aggressive interest rate hikes and high inflation, it appears that evidently the uncertainty regarding the Federal Reserve’s next transfer is starting to fade, with nearly all of traders anticipating a small zero.25% fee hike in the next assembly.

As a result of the reduced uncertainty, the cryptocurrency sector (and equities) started to surge, with Bitcoin climbing by 35% this month, Ethereum by 33%, and Dogecoin up 15%.

The revival in Bitcoin has now allowed the coin to reach 5-month highs – not seen since August 2022. However, regardless of the overwhelmingly optimistic outlook, there are some analysts that think traders might be getting too far forward of themselves.

Nevertheless, with interest rate hikes slowing pace in 2023, we investigate which cryptos are worth buying over the approaching months. In this text, we are going to take a glance at BTC, ETH, AXS, and MEMAG.

Before we start, it’s worth recapping the 2022 rising inflation and interest rate hikes that tipped the entire crypto market in the first place.

A Recap of 2022 Inflation and Interest Rates

To perceive the cause of inflation experienced throughout 2022, it’s important to forged our minds again to the beginning of 2020 and the impression the COVID-19 pandemic had on the world.

Countries throughout the globe started to shut their borders in the initial phases of the outbreak. Then, as if that wasn’t sufficient to spook the economic system, corporations began closing their doorways, forcing staff to do enterprise from home. As a outcome, the US Federal Reserve wanted to stimulate the financial system and determined to print an awesome sum of money.

The strategy of printing money is called quantitative easing (QE), which was first launched in March 2009 to fight the impression of the 2008 inventory market crash. The effort of QE is to encourage borrowing by dropping rates of interest and stimulating spending to maintain the economic system afloat.

During 2020, the US Federal Reserve printed $3.3 trillion US Dollars, which is roughly one-fifth of all of the US dollars in circulation. In reality, the US Federal Reserve printed extra money in 2020 than they printed in the previous 100 years – mixed. The following chart actually places this into perspective;

With a lot cash flowing into the economy, it’s no surprise that inflation started to creep higher. Inflation is a scenario the place prices in the financial system begin to rise. As a result, the price of your weekly shop begins to increase, alongside all of the goods and companies that you just eat.

Inflation is usually measured utilizing financial reports, such because the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The CPI measures the change within the price of a basket of goods inside an economy over a sure time period.

As anticipated, inflation began to creep greater slowly through the latter half of 2020. By May 2021, the CPI had crossed the 5% stage, which had not been seen since the 2008 market recession. However, it wasn’t till May 2022 that the CPI hit 8.6%, placing it at a 40-year high and inflicting investors across the globe to panic;

The state of affairs of inflation can turn out to be somewhat harmful if costs rise too rapidly, which is why central banks then step in to combat inflation. One of the instruments they use to curb inflation is rising rates of interest – and that’s exactly what they did.

The US Federal Reserve, the central financial institution that dictates monetary and monetary coverage within the United States, started to increase interest rates. At first, they started to lift interest rates by a small 25 BPS in March 2022. Then, a 50 BPS improve came in May 2022.

However, despite the initial rate hikes, inflation did not start to settle. With the 40-year high inflation fee in May 2022, the US Federal Reserve took drastic measures and started to extend rates of interest on the most aggressive single-meeting pace since 1994. In June 2022, the US Fed elevated rates of interest by 75 BPS and continued to increase by the same amount in the following four conferences.

The following desk reveals the breakdown of interest rate hikes by conferences;


FOMC Meeting Date Rate Change (bps) Federal Funds Rate December 2022 +50 4.25% – 4.5% Nov 2, 2022 +75 3.75% to 4.00% Sept 21, 2022 +75 3.00% to 3.25% July 27, 2022 +75 2.25% to 2.5% June 16, 2022 +75 1.5% to 1.75% May 5, 2022 +50 0.75% to 1.00% March 17, 2022 +25 0.25% to 0.50%

In the most recent meeting, the US Fed decreased its aggressive tempo of price hikes, electing to go with a 50 BPS rise. This brought on a market momentum shift as traders started to believe the worst of the aggressive rate of interest hikes may be over.

Has Inflation Started to Cool?

Assets delicate to rates of interest, corresponding to cryptocurrencies and equities, depend on a turnaround in monetary coverage to supply the elemental setting the place they’ll recuperate.

The hawkish monetary coverage by way of 2022 brought on the worst bear market in crypto and equities. Crypto fell as a lot as 80% from its highs, with Bitcoin reaching a bottom of $15,480 in November 2022. The S&P 500 fell as a lot as 30% earlier than hitting a bottom of 3500 in October 2022.

The CPI report released on January 12th, 2023, confirmed a 0.1% decrease in overall inflation – the most important drop since April 2020

As a result, the market became extra optimistic after learning that inflation had fallen constantly over the past six consecutive months. Furthermore, the tempo of inflation within the US fell to its lowest degree in more than a 12 months in December 2022, a sign that value pressures might have peaked.

To put this into perspective, over the previous 6-months, the US CPI fell from 9.1% to 6.5%;

This resulted in market merchants turning into optimistic that the aggressive rate hikes might finally begin to decelerate – with some getting forward of themselves by anticipating price cuts as early as the subsequent assembly.

What are Traders Expecting from the February Fed Meeting?

The recent information from the CPI suggests that the US Fed may further gradual its pace of monetary tightening. As a end result, many traders count on the US Fed to continue slowing the pace of upper rates of interest by enacting a 25 BPS interest rate hike.

The announcement will come from the FOMC on Wednesday, Feb 1st, at 2 PM ET.

However, though the US Fed could be lowering the tempo of rate hikes, they’re nonetheless a great distance away from slicing interest rates. As a outcome, many analysts are stating that traders could be getting forward of themselves too soon.

Are Traders Getting Ahead of Themselves? “Wen Pivot?”

With central banks exhibiting signs of easing – it could set the stage for a robust yr. However, if crypto is to sustain the model new price rises, the central banks must shift from growing interest rates to chopping interest rates.

Even with a small 25 BPS interest rate hike in February, rates of interest are still going greater – which isn’t a pivot.

Fed chairman, Jerome Powell, has been adamant that charges is not going to taper until inflation is firmly underneath control, and nonetheless a great distance away from the 2% goal as they currently sit above 6%.

Although the Fed tightening seems to be getting lighter, it is more likely that they may choose to maintain rates of interest at the present ranges for an extended period of time. As a end result, which means the economic system may sit at interest rates above 5% for almost all of 2023 before the Fed begins to cut – which is the transfer that traders are ready for. Therefore, merchants could probably be getting slightly too excited too early, which might lead to one other Bitcoin price fall beneath $20,000.

What Cryptos to Buy If We See 25 BPS Rate Hike?

If we do see a 25 BPS interest rate hike in February, we are likely to see price surges within the greatest cryptocurrencies in the marketplace. In explicit, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the highest two candidates to buy on this situation.

Bitcoin is currently sitting close to the $23,000 stage after witnessing a robust 35% price hike over the past month of trading. This has allowed Bitcoin to hit highs not seen since August 2022;

At the same time, Ethereum is currently sitting at a value of $1,600 after witnessing a surge of 33% over the previous month of buying and selling;

The high two cryptocurrencies are most actually the safest choice to spend cash on. However, they usually won’t present the highest returns.


If you would possibly be accustomed to taking somewhat extra threat, other sectors throughout the market might provide larger returns. Specifically, the play-to-earn trade is seeing somewhat of a strong comeback.

Return of the Play-to-Earn Sector?

The play-to-earn sector took one of the most extreme hits in 2022, as heavyweights such as Axie Infinity and The Sandbox plummeted by nicely over 90%. However, plainly play-to-earn could be making a return as a few of the distinguished initiatives are seeing vital worth hikes this month in the course of the cryptocurrency revival.

The whole market capitalization for the play-to-earn sector is now buying and selling close to $11 billion, with heavyweights such as APE, SAND, and ENJ seeing substantial positive aspects. However, the stand-out challenge in this sector of the market is undoubtedly Axie Infinity (AXS).

Over the previous 30 days, AXS managed to surge by an unimaginable 75%, offering a few of the highest returns in the top-100 ranked coins in the crypto market;

The recent value hike allowed the market cap for Axie to break again above $1.4 billion as investors started to re-enter the gaming token.

Although AXS is providing strong returns for traders, different tokens are still but to observe in its footsteps, which might result in substantial features for brave buyers.

One of the stand-out projects to consider investing in during the play-to-earn sector revival is Meta Masters Guild.

Meta Masters Guild – Changing the Dynamics of Play-to-Earn

Meta Masters Guild is the fastest-growing play-to-earn guild of 2023 and is on monitor to become the largest mobile gaming guild in Web3. The venture is at present hosting a presale for its native token, MEMAG, and it lately crossed the $1.2 million funding threshold in just below two weeks since going live. This shows the considerably rising traction on this play-to-earn ecosystem.

The complete thought behind the Meta Masters Guild challenge is to create fun and addictive video games with playable NFTs that permit players to earn rewards, stake, and trade. However, Meta Masters Guild isn’t in search of to turn out to be just another play-to-earn challenge. Instead, it aims to turn out to be the future of Web3 gaming by introducing a brand new concept referred to as play-and-earn.

Meta Masters Guild Built on Stable Economics

Meta Masters Guild is the world’s first mobile-focused Web3 gaming guild on a mission to construct high-quality, blockchain-based mobile games to type a totally decentralized ecosystem. The ecosystem is designed to permit members to earn sustainable rewards in exchange for his or her gaming time and contributions to the ecosystem.

The group behind Meta Masters Guild believes the idea of play-to-earn is basically flawed. So as a substitute of play-to-earn, they like a new description they’ve coined called “Play-and-Earn.”

The team doesn’t want folks to play their video games with the specific aim of just being profitable. If the complete participant base is in search of to solely revenue from the sport, they know the incomes mechanics can’t be sustainable over the long run. So as a substitute, they need to create high-quality games that gamers can spend cash on and then permit them to earn their a reimbursement and be compensated for the value they put into the ecosystem.

This is the elemental concept behind play-and-earn. Players can play the video games at no cost, with the option of purchasing upgrades, and then are rewarded for their time spent on the game.

Players earn GEMs in all titles underneath the Meta Masters Guild umbrella and have full autonomy on what to do with their rewards. For instance, gamers can swap their GEMs for MEMAG and stake the MEMAG into the platform for added rewards. Alternatively, they may use the GEMs to buy in-game NFTs or money them out to ETH to bank their earnings.

Overall, the whole ecosystem is designed to incentivize engagement and reward these including worth to the ecosystem through gameplay or constructing the net group.

Three AAA Games Already Lined Up

One of the nice issues about the Meta Masters Guild is that they already have three separate gaming titles under various stages of growth – even with out the presale being concluded.

In a partnership with Gamearound, a Web3 gaming developer, Meta Masters Guild has the following games in development;

  • Meta Kart Racers
  • Raid NFT
  • Meta Masters World

Meta Kart Racers is the flagship providing from the platform and would be the first sport to be released. In this player-vs-player racing sport, gamers have to compete with each other in a championship construction whereas escaping the evil Meta overlords. In addition, they can earn tokens by amassing GEMs for their performance on the track. It’s a skill-based recreation the place the most effective players make the highest rewards.

The other two video games cover separate genres, so all members of the Meta Masters Guild have one thing to choose from. Raid NFT is a turn-based fantasy preventing sport, and Meta Masters World is an open-world game with much less structure, permitting players to discover an expansive universe.

The beauty of these games is that they all incorporate the MEMAG token, giving it important utility.

Presale Bursts Past $1 Million Funding Milestone

The presale for the MEMAG token crossed the $1 million milestone firstly of the week, then raised one other $200,000 just 24 hours later. The traction behind the presale is shortly constructing, especially with the play-to-earn sector returning to life.

Investors are quickly piling into this presale because of play-and-earn’s influence on the overall Web3 gaming sector. With sustainable economic rewards on the forefront of the project, traders anticipate huge returns when the MEMAG token lastly hits centralized exchanges.

The presale is now in stage 3, selling the token for $0.013 per MEMAG. In total, there might be seven phases within the presale, which is in a position to see rising prices throughout every consecutive stage. For instance, section four will begin as soon as the presale hits the $1.8 million funding milestone, and the value will improve to $0.016 per MEMAG.

Therefore, the earlier you become involved, the upper earnings you will have when the token finally hits exchanges. The group has acknowledged that the token will listing on centralized exchanges with a worth of $0.023, ensuring most traders come out of the presale with substantial profits.

Overall, the slowing down of rate of interest hikes has put the complete crypto market in a very optimistic mood. Presales such as Meta Masters Guild provide fantastic alternatives to get into new projects at the lowest potential prices. If the US Fed continues to slow the speed hikes, MEMAG should be set for important features as soon as the presale ends later in Q1 2023.

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