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With its unique attributes, CorePunks is already making its mark as the primary punk PFPs on the Core chain.

What is CorePunks?

CorePunks is a 10,000 digital collectibles punks pfps launched and deployed on the Core Network. They are the 1st Punk NFTs on the Core blockchain. Each of the Core Punks has attributes that make them unique based on a defined rarity system. The complete assortment of 10,000 Punks was formally minted out on Feb 23 2023, solidifying their historical past because the 1st Punks on the Core Chain.

Why is CorePunk special?

The unique cryptopunks on the Ethereum mainnet shocked the world when uncommon punks sold for over $6 million. To today, even non-rare cryptopunks commerce within 5 to 6 digits! Why? Some people ask, as there isn’t any tangibility to NFTs. As famed Cathie Wood stated, there is surprise in these digital arts as “blockchain technologies [provide] — immutability”. There is preservation and value stored in these cute little artwork pieces, and with varying rarity, it is sensible the extraordinarily uncommon ones fetch a high value.

So back to the question, why CorePunk? Simple: Speed, Supply, and Scarcity. Not only is Core chain extraordinarily quick and cost-efficient, however there will also be a rise in demand for NFTs that are each scarce and in demand.

Once all 10,000 punks are minted, there’ll solely be a possibility to get your hands on one should you purchase available on the market.

How to Mint Corepunk?

CorePunks were minted at 0.3 Core, and all collection had been minted out within 24hrs, but you can go to the link to buy from the market.

How to Purchase CorePunk

To purchase corepunk, be positive to have already funded your pockets, now observe the steps: 

  • Visit Youngparrot Marketplace 
  • Connect your Metamask
  • Make positive the network is on Core Mainnet
  • Find any Piece you wish to purchase, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

How to Check After Purchase

  • Visit your profile here
  • Click “Collected”
  • You will see your punk nft beneath there.
  • You can sell/List, switch /make profile Picture.

What is CorePunk utility?

CorePunks were initially created with no utility however to serve as its personal native utility for upcoming projects that might be launching on Core Ecosystem & projects that might need to share some incentives to CorePunk Holders as cultural tributes.

But after much deliberation, the staff decided to introduce some interesting utilities that may hold the venture advancing in the long run & make the ground worth improve additional.

The 3 Major Core Utilities 

Launching a Community Token ($CPUNK)

$CPUNK is a cultural community token created to reward corepunk holders & as a set of functions to control the corepunk ecosystem. CorePunk NFT Holders shall be airdropped $CPUNK Token. More info in regards to the drop might be revealed later!

NFT staking

The team wished to construct a dynamic nft staking system whereby users can stake their punk nft holdings and earn $CPUNK token as rewards on a timeframe basis. This will allow many to carry their punk, thereby resulting in a spike within the corepunk ground price.

A NFT AMM Live Liquidity Pool

CorePunks be allocating 20% of Funds generated from $CPUNK token sale to add Liquidity to our NFT AMM Marketplace, where customers can swap/sell their punk nft immediately without ready for buyer affirmation. This system will, in flip, have a historical influence on the floor price of the corepunk collection.


Below is a pictorial description of the CorePunks roadmap.

Tokenomics & Token Distribution 

Below are pictorial descriptions of the CorePunks tokenomics and distribution.

About $CPUNK Presale/IFO/IPO

  • Token Sale Date: TBA
  • Total Supply Allocated for Presale: 30%
  • Presale Price: TBA
  • Listing Price: TBA
  • LaunchPad: Shadowswap DEX/LFG Finance
  • Total Supply: 100M

Corepunks will partner with Launchpad platforms to hold its Token Sale. The particulars might be revealed after finalizing all deals with partners.

$CPUNK Airdrop Distribution

The CorePunk group will announce a snapshot date of Corepunk nft holders, or take a snapshot of nft holders unannounced. They could be distributing the biggest Airdrop in Core History – Just ensure you hold a CorePunk NFT. The date of the distribution will be introduced to the basic public later.

Note: All Listed NFTs won’t be included within the snapshot. You must delist your corepunk to qualify for the drop.

Get Whitelisted for $CPUNK IPO(Initial Punk Offering)/Token Sale

You might need to fill within the Whitelist software registration to get a chance to participate within the upcoming IPO

How to take part:

Stay updated with CorePunks via the social hyperlinks:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord 

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